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Introduction: AliExpress Car Radio

I purchased a Bluetooth Car Radio from Aliexpress and powered it using both a power bank and solar unit. The latter in particular, proved very useful for camping when you can't charge your batteries. It has a number of modes including radio, sd card, ancillary port for say usb and even a hands free Bluetooth mode. The whole unit, including postage, sets you back about 4 dollars.


Car Radio

To power the unit - either

a) Solar panel - delivering between 5 and 12 volts ( you may need to regulate higher voltages with say a L7805 voltage regulator)


b) Power bank delivering at least 5 volts

An old speaker ( I used both one from a pair of PoundLand speakers)

An aerial - For expediency, I unashamedly used a Dupont cable connected to a Crocodile clip pair

Cable connectors ( see image - e.g. Self Locking Electrical Cable Connectors Quick Splice Lock Wire Terminal)

An old micro-usb connector which you cut and plug the thick end into the power bank / solar unit.

Step 1: Assembling the Device

The assembly is quite simple.

Connect the speaker connectors on the radio to the speaker ( +to +, - to -). I was able to get a reasonable sound ( see video) without amplification.

Choose a power bank or solar panel to power the unit. The range is 5 to 12 volts. I selected power sources close to 5 volts. I also cut up an old usb cable and using the large end, I spliced the wires to make a connector.

Use cable connectors for expediency and a good connection. Later, these can be made permanent using shrink tubing.

Set up the aerial using a Dupont cable connected to a crocodile clip cable. Again, this works, but later I will make a permanent fixture.

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    2 months ago

    I've had one of these units, and found it to be very fragile, in fact it broke within a few hours. I suggest anyone looking to use these units (kind of assuming a similar quality whatever brand you get) treat assembly with kid gloves and put things into some form of case fairly quickly.

    Interested in the idea of a solar panel, to get a steady voltage current I'd be tempted to look for a powerbank with solar built in, so if the sun goes you are not suddenly plunged into silence


    Reply 2 months ago

    I agree with you and did make a little wooden frame for it. In terms of solar, when camping I power it with a solar panel/regulator connected to a 12V lead acid battery. I use the 5v USB output which reduces the risk of damage. Of course, I power other devices from this solar set up or connect the radio directly to 5v solar and it becomes an alarm clock!