Introduction: Alice Gone Mad!

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Alice in hysteria mode from Alice Madness Returns.

Step 1: Pale Skin

Taking my foundation (I wear the lightest shade) and mixing it with white cream makeup from the makeup forever flash pallet to make my skin whiter then it already is.

Step 2: Eyes

Starting the illusion of big cartoon eyes I took a NYX eyeliner and put it in my water line as well as dragging it under the lash line.

Step 3: Detail of Eyes

Taking a liquid eyeliner I outlined the white on my bottom lash line.
Getting a light brown matte eyeshadow I placed that on my lid.
Getting a darker brown matte eyeshadow I placed that on the outside lid, and drug it under the white.
Then I took a little black eyeshadow I blended that into my lid lightly.
Then taking the eyeliner again I re drew the lines I already made then I made a wing on my top line.
Last I took that black eyeshadow and blended it out on the bottom section to help the illusion.

Step 4: Eyebrows

I used black cream makeup to fill in my lashes making them a little longer.

Step 5: More White

I needed to be whiter do i lightly patted on some white cream makeup.

Step 6: Blood

Using a reference photo I added the blood with red and black cream makeup.

Step 7: Body

make your body white!

Step 8: Necklace

Using white body paint I put a line around my neck. Then I took hold cream makeup and made the charm. Then I took black eyeshadow and added shadows to the necklace and around the charm.

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