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Introduction: Alice in Wonderland Hand Art

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This whimsical masterpiece was inspired by a lip art design created by Ms.MaoMaoz. My favorite part of it is that it looks more like a work of art that just came out of the Abstract Expressionist period. Even better, she kind of mentioned in a response to a comment on her post that she was trying to come up with different ways of recreating her lip art. Well, Mao, I came up with yet another: hand art!


Alice in Wonderland Lip Art:

Step 1: Outline

As always, I started with a white outline using white paint (Mehron Paradise). You can also use a white eyeliner pencil if you prefer.

Step 2: Queen of Hearts

Now, I begin the fill-in process starting with Beach Berry (Mehron Paradise) for the heart in the middle; that's the Queen of Hearts.

Step 3: Cheshire Cat

Then, I used a mix of Light Pink and Mauve to create the stripes of the Cheshire Cat,

Step 4: Alice

For the Alice part, I simply used a mix of light blue and turquoise from the Pretty Baby Rainbow Cake.

Step 5: Queen's Court

Then, I painted a black & white checker-print pattern underneath the Alice stripe for the Queen's court.

Step 6: White Rabbit

The white rabbit part is probably one of the more difficult parts because of having to paint the watch on a small scale, but I did it anyway. So, I painted a white background. Then, filled in the circle with gold (taken from the Pink Pizzazz Arty Brush Cake). Then, I used a mix of black and gold for the chain, and used more black to paint in the hands on the watch.

Step 7: Mad Hatter

For the Mad Hatter, I painted two white cards above the Alice stripe, then filled them in. Then, I used black to paint the letter A on one of the cards, and a red heart on the second card.

Step 8: Final Details

Unlike Ms.MaoMaoz's lip art, for the final details, I filled in the empty areas of my hand with more black, while outlining the entire piece. Then, I capped it all off with a little white highlight on one corner of the red heart in the middle!

Step 9: Complete!

As fast as you can say, "Eat Me" or "Drink Me", this Alice in Wonderland hand art is a fantasy of a whimsical masterpiece! Thanks, Mao for the fun, "colorful charade" of a design!

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    6 years ago

    I really love this one! Beautiful.