Introduction: Alice's Teeny Tiny Tea Treats

This small scale polymer clay piece is inspired by the popular bedtime fairy tale, Alice in Wonderland. This assortment of tasty looking treats make a great charm or small scaled art piece for a shelf. NOTE: this is not edible!


Supplies: polymer clay (white, brown, tan, and 2 shades of a color of your choice-I chose hot pink and pastel pink), liquid clay (for joining pieces together), light brown crushed chalk pastels, small paint brush, craft knife, rolling pin (I used a small one from a play doh kit), thin sharpie, hard bristled toothbrush, small thin piece of string/twine. Optional: nail polish remover and QTips (use these to get rid of any finger prints).

Step 1: The Tray

Roll out a white piece of clay and trace around a circular item about 1 inch in diameter. Cut your tray out of clay carefully using a sharp craft knife. Set your tray aside.

Step 2: The Macroon

Take three small balls of clay, no bigger than the size of a finger tip. Two balls should be your pastel shade of your choice, and the third your more vibrant shade of your choice. Smoosh your vibrant colored clay so it is about 1/4 inch thick. Do this with the other two balls, but make sure one is rounder on top by molding the edges with your finger tips (like a burger bun top). Using your toothbrush, rough up the edges of the two pastel shaded circles. Sandwich the vibrant shade between the two pastel shades and attach to your tray you made in the previous step. Use a small dot of liquid clay to secure them together.

Step 3: The Cake

Roll out a small amount of white clay, tan clay, and brown clay using your rolling pin. Cut the brown and tan in half so that you have two brown pieces, two tan pieces and one white piece. Layer the pieces brown, tan, white, tan, brown. Carefully slice into a half inch cube and then cut in half diagonally to make two slices of cake. Assemble on your tray using a small dot of liquid clay.

Step 4: The Wafer Straws

Make a thin coil of white clay and an equally thin coil of brown clay. Wrap the coils around each other like candy cane stripes and roll on your surface until they become smooth. Cut the cane into three 1 inch straws. Assemble on your tray using a small dot of liquid clay if needed.

Step 5: The Biscuits

Roll out a piece of tan clay until it is about 1/8 inch or slightly larger thick. Using teeny tiny clay cookie cutters, cut out a few designs for your biscuits. Use a needle to poke holes in the biscuits and gently dust the edges with a small amount of brown chalk pastel using a very thin paint brush. Carefully assemble the biscuits on your tray. These will most likely need liquid clay as the chalk makes them harder to stick.

Step 6: The Tag

Roll out a thin layer of white clay and use another teeny cutter to cut the shape of a gift tag. Carefully use a needle to poke a hole through the edge of the tag.

Step 7: The Fillers

Roll out several super tiny balls of one of the colors of your choice. Attach your gift tag, hole side out, and use the tiny balls to fill in any empty spaces. Alice loves her treats!

Step 8: The Finishing Steps!

Bake your treat tray in a toaster oven or an oven at 275 degressF for 20 minutes in a glass pan. Let cool completely before finishing steps. Using a thin point permanent marker, write "eat me" on the tag. String a small thin piece of string through the hole of the gift tag. TADA! It's tea time!

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