Introduction: Alien Blaster

Do you want to make a super cool alien blaster under $10? Well, this is the instructable to come to. For this most of these items, I got from the dollar store and some from Home Depot.


You will need:

  • A toy gun or squirt gun
  • Wide paintbrush
  • Sandpaper
  • Instant glue
  • 1 metallic and 1 brown craft paint
  • Black spray paint

Step 1: Sanding

You are going to rub the sandpaper lightly all over the blaster make it lose the glossy shine of plastic. This is so we have a nice surface to paint and glue.

Step 2: Altering

Now remove all the things making the squirt gun look like a toy. I removed the strap connecting the cap of the gun to the gun and added a small blaster from a figuring from home to look like a scope. You do not have to add anything like me but if you could I makes the build so much cooler.

Step 3: Spray Paint

Now sand it down again. Make sure to get all the little tight spaces or else the paint and spray paint will come off. When you are done go outside and hang the blaster up and get the black spray paint. This is when it starts to come to life. Spray the blaster so it is all covered in a nice black coat of spray paint then let it dry. For me, it is starting to look really cool but it is about to look even cooler.

Step 4: Adding Colors

Now we are going to use a technique called dry brushing on the gun you can see how it is done here I use it because it makes the paint look worn out which is what we want. I chose mine to be 2 metallic colors you can do that but not necessary.

Step 5: Details

Now we are going to weather it use brown and a little bit of black to make it pop you do not need to do this but it makes this build look so much more real. What you want to do is places where there bumps and folds where dirt and grime would collect you want to color it in with your dark brown. Then quickly rub over it with a cloth or paper towels. This should remove most of the brown and leave a little behind so it looks as if it was used and more real.

Step 6: DONE

Now look at your creation it looks like it is out of a sci-fi movie. You can put it on a shelf, counter, or give it away as a gift. I hope you liked this instructable and please like it votes for it and leave a comment on what I should do next or can improve on.

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