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Introduction: Alien Flip-Flop Card

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Send a personalized quirky and cute card to your loved ones from one world to another! Invite these fun and friendly aliens to your homes, and they will be sure to brighten up your day. This flip flop card has a reversible design, so you can write your messages on two sides.

How? Read on, or watch the video below to find out!


  • Our card template (available for free at:
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Ruler
  • Pencil/colour pens
  • Sticky tape

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Step 2: Print and Cut Out Your Template

Download and print out your template on 2 A4 sized sheets as shown above. Now cut the areas highlighted in the images above on the two sheets of your template. The first template sheet cutouts will be used in the end, so keep them aside for now.

Step 3: Assemble the Second Template Sheet

In the second template sheet, you have the first card, the second card, and three strips as shown in the image to the left. You will notice that the three strip cutouts can be superimposed on the two cards as shown above. This is your basic template.

Step 4: Score and Fold

On the edges of the strips, you will notice small white areas as highlighted above. Gently crease along the dotted lines (score) as shown above (hint: watch the video for a clearer understanding on how to score). Once you have scored along all the dotted lines, fold the flaps on each of the strips.

Step 5: Attach Your First Strip to the Second Card

Let us stick the first strip to the cards as shown. Ensure the first strip is properly aligned on the first card as shown in the first image. Now align the second card over it, and stick the right flap of the first strip to it as shown above. You will see that the right flap is stuck only to the second card.

Step 6: Connect the First Strip to the First Card

Now, fold the left flap around the first card as shown in the images above and stick it to the card using tape.

Step 7: You Get Two Views As You Fold Around the Strip!

Fold the two cards around the strip as shown, and you will see two different views of the card!

Step 8: Now Attach the Second Strip to the Second Card

Similarly, attach the right flap of the second strip as shown, to the second card using tape.

Step 9: Attach the Left Flap to the First Card

While attaching the left flap, ensure that it goes under the first card as shown above. You will see that by turning the cards around the two strips, you see two different views (hint: watch the video for a clearer picture).

Step 10: Attach the Third Strip to the Two Cards

Similarly, attach the third strip to the two cards. In all three cases, what you are essentially doing is sticking the flaps to the backside of both the cards.

Step 11: You Should Have Both Views Working!

Now, if you turn the cards around the three strips, you should be able to observe two different views as shown above! If the card does not look like this for you, check out our video to see if you are doing something different.

Step 12: Assemble the Whole Thing!

Remember the first sheet of the template? We can now assemble it with the rest of the card by carefully taping it only to the outer edges of the card made so far as shown in the images. Check the video again to be sure you are doing it right.

Step 13: Customize and Personalize!

Now your card is ready! Customize it, color it and personalize it with your messages!

Who knows, these friendly aliens might just light up someone's world!

Have fun with this, and let us know how you liked it by leaving a comment below!

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    2 years ago

    When I was young, I remember reverse engineering a ‘secret identity card’ that worked like this, and making my own... It was great fun!
    Hoping your instructable brings the same fun to a new group of kids! Nice one😃


    Reply 2 years ago

    That is so cool! We hope so too :D