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Introduction: Alien Sleep Tube

Alien Sleep Tube:
This Project runs about $25-$30 and can be knocked out in no time.

Materials Needed:
     1. Generic $10 kids Alien costume
     2. 12" concrete tube about $10
     3. Pillow
     4. Qty. 2 - 5 gallon bucket lids (one with an access por tis nice if you want to add fog later)
     5. Flat black paint
     6. Flashlight
     7. 24" x 24"x1/16" plexiglass

     1. Cut square in tube about 18x20 (size is up to you, smaller = more stable)
     2. Paint tube and lids black ( you can try leaving the inside white to reflect light)
     3, Stuff a pillow in the body of the alien.
     4. Position the head with tape or a balloon or a smaller pillow. ( I used a balloon)
     5. Roll the plexiglass and slide into the tube (store in a warm area for a couple days and the plastic will relax against the wall of 
         the tube.)
     6.slide alien into tube.

     Add lighting and fog for effect.
     I taped my tube to a couple of 2x4's to keep it from rolling left or right.

This project works well both laying down and standing up.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Jakel;

    I'm about to start construction on this great prop (never too early to prepare for Halloween). I found everything at or near the prices you mentioned but I can't seem to find affordable plexiglass. I've looked at Home Depot, Lowes and a hobby shop, but they're all expensive and drive the total cost quite a bit higher than the $30 goal. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the post. This is one of the most creative props I've seen!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks...More to come :)