Introduction: Alien Spaceship Lamp

Cool design that works well. 

Step 1: Materials

You will need: 
21  3V LED lights (Color does not matter)
The computer program Solidworks
3D printer and plastic for the 3D printer
USB cable or IPhone cable (5.3 Volts)
Two 10 Ohm resistors
Soldering Iron
Soldering Wire
Extra Wire
Wire Strippers
Hot Glue Gun and hot glue
6x6 inch wood
three 3/4inch screws
Soldiworks, screws, paint, 3D printer, and saw mot included in picture.

Step 2: Solidworks

In solidworks open part. Make a cone with a flat bottom with a two inch radius and stands five inches tall. In the bottom of the cone drill three holes

Make another part. It should be a circle with a 2.25 inch radius and stands three inches tall. When the circle is made make a shell in the middle leaving the edges .25inches thick. Leave a half an inch at the top of the circle. On the top of the circle make a circle that has a radius of an inch and make an extrude cut at .1inch thick.

Open a third part. Make a sphere with a one inch radius and cut it in half.

Open an assembly. Insert the circle and the half sphere. Mate the half sphere so that it rests in the .1inch thick hole on the top of the circle.

3D print the cone and the two connected parts that make the top of the ship.

Step 3: Holes

On the printed sphere drill 14 holes evenly separated for the lights

On the printed circle drill 7 holes evenly spaced for the lights

Step 4: Wiring


Take the sphere with the holes and set it aside.

Then take enough wire so it makes a circle under the holes. Strip the wire so only the wire is there.

Warm up the hot glue gun. When hot take the wire and carefully glue dots under each hole and attach the wire to the glue. Make sure to leave wire showing because you cannot attach the LED’s to the glue.

Test the lights before soldering them on and make sure they all face the same direction.

Once you know which way to put the LED solder it individually. This is easier to do one at a time. Remember to solder the resistor to the bottom as well.

Once all of the lights are soldered to the bottom take more wire, strip it, and hot glue it to the top of the sphere making sure there is exposed wire for the LED’s. Once the wire is glued to the top solder the other end of the LED light to the exposed wire.

Test to make sure that all of the lights light at the same time and brightly.

Take the Circle and repeat the same steps that you did for the sphere.

Step 5: Base and Sphere

Cut a six inch by six inch piece of wood and use that as a base. Drill three holes into the wood that will go with a 3/4inch screw. Don't drill all the way through the wood. Once drilled, take the sphere line up the three holes in the sphere with the three holes in the wood and screw the 3/4 inch nails into the wood.

Step 6: USB Through Sphere

In the bottom of the sphere cut a hole large enough to fit the USB cable so the wires will not be showing. 

Step 7: Soldering More

Solder the resistors in the sphere and the circle together.

Then take extra wire strip the ends so a little wire is showing and solder one end to wire in the sphere and solder the other end to wire in the circle. 

Step 8: Hot Glue

Hot glue the sphere to the circle so no wire is touching and solder the other end of the circle to the cone. You should now have what looks like your finished product. 

Step 9: Paint

Pant the cone to your desired color and enjoy.