Introduction: Alien Test Tube

This is my entry for the ThinkGeek Sci-Fi Contest: a very simple-looking alien test tube or whatever you want to call it. This would be great for putting things on display like an alien doll or a person. However, I would highly discourage filling it up with any fluids (it wasn't made for that). So, here's how I made this apparatus.

I apologize for all the steps. Most of them are pictures just so you could see how it's done. I tried installing dragdropupload on my Firefox, but it was incompatible. So for now we're stuck with a lot of steps that are mostly pictures. I hope you don't mind.

Step 1: Part 1: Bottom/Top

-Open a new part
-Sketch a circle on the top plane and Smart Dimension it to 2.600 inches.
-Sketch a horizontal centerline that passes through the origin.

Step 2:

-Select Trim Entities and click on the top part of the circle.
-Sketch a rectangle (1.300 in) and trim the bottom line. The whole drawing should still add up to 2.600 in.
-Next, select Sketch Chamfer and click on both the top corners. Don't bother with the settings and click OK.

Step 3:

-Exit the sketch and go to Boss Extrude.
-Set the depth to 0.30 in. and the draft to 10 degrees. Click OK once done.

Step 4:

-Sketch two circles on the top part. The outside circle should be 2.200 in. while the inside circle should be 2.180 in.
-Go to Boss Extrude again and set the depth to 0.10 in.

Step 5:

-Draw a circle on the top part and Smart Dimension the diameter to 1.900 in.
-Go into Extrude Cut and click on the newly drawn circle. Set the depth to 0.10 in. Save it.

Step 6: Part 2: the Glass

Now that we got the bottom taken care of, let's move on to the glass cylinder.

-Sketch two circles on the top plane. The outside circle should be 2.180 in. while the inside circle should be 2.160 in.
-Extrude the circles to 2.700 in
-Go to "Edit Appearance" and click on Textures (the checkerboard-patterned sphere in the preview)

Step 7:

-Expand the menu for Appearance(color) and go to the glass folder. From here, you can choose whichever glass texture you want (I just stuck with the clear texture).
-Once you've made your choice, click OK. Save it.

We're almost done. Last thing we need to do is assemble it.

Step 8: Part 3: the Assembly

-Open a new assembly
-When you open a new assembly, there's a menu for inserting components. Click on the browse tab and bring up the two parts we made.

Step 9:

-Select one of the parts and click on Rotate Component.
-Rotate the part so that it's upside down but still matching with the other (i.e. flat areas are parallel). I can assure you'll find yourself changing the camera angle a few times.

Step 10:

This next part is basically mating the whole thing together.

Step 11:

Step 12:

Step 13:

Step 14:

Step 15:

And that's how we do it! I know it's another simple invention, but it's all I got. Another thing you could do is find a glass cylinder and measure it out. Once you get all the dimensions, you can make the parts. Again, I apologize for all the steps.

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