Introduction: Alien Wood Burner

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Another themed wood burner from Burned by Design, upcycled from old gas cylinders this one of a kind wood burner is a talking point for any garden or patio. See more designs here:

Step 1: He's Got Some Bottle...

It is important to know that all LPG cylinders remain the property of the LPG cylinder for the entirety of its life and you should exercise extreme caution before attempting to cut up an LPG cylinder. The bottles I used for this project are from companies which are no longer trading.

I had the bottles professionally sandblasted to remove all the paint before I started marking out.

Step 2: First Cut Is the Deepest

Once I'd marked out some initial shapes I got cutting using my grinder and ultra thin cutting discs. The hardest part here was trying to get the longer cylinder to bend...nothing beats the clenched fist though...

The diamonds on top are cut for the chimneys which will run all the way down the back.

Step 3: Two Become One

With a little persuasion from my sledge hammer I bashed the long cylinder over the top of the fatter one to create the initial head shape.I used 50mm box section to create the chimneys on top. I use a Lincoln Electrical dual mig welder which I won on this site to wled my parts in place.

Step 4: Jaws of Death

I used my grinder to cut down the center of the bottle to create the jaw shape and used the rim of the LPG carry handles to outline and detail the Alien visor. The larger teath on the bottom jaw are made from an old landrover spring.

Step 5: Teeth, Teeth and More Teeth

With the bottom teeth in place I started constructing the top jaw and teeth. The Aliens inner jaw was fabricated and welded to the two sinew parts that tie the top and bottom jaw together. The whole bottom and top jaw were hinged on the left hand side to enable the user to open the face to put wood in it.

Step 6: Mmmm Shiny

Once I had detailed the burner I used a flap disc to clean up the whole thing.

Step 7: Once You've Had Black

The burner was finished in ultra high temperature black stove paint, I then used my grinder and wire brush attachment to knock back the black to highlight the detailing. The whole burner was then finished in a Ultra High Temperature clear lacquer.

Step 8: Burn Baby Burn

Make your fire, light and enjoy.

See more burner designs here: all designs and commissions considered. UK based with international shipping available. US shipping is around £125.

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