Alien Xenomorph Drone Cosplay 1979 Suit

Introduction: Alien Xenomorph Drone Cosplay 1979 Suit

Ever since I was four years old I wanted to be a Xenomorph, but it just seemed like there were never any costumes. Time to take matters into my own hands! I am going to show you guys how to make your very own Alien Xenomorph Drone 1979 cosplay. Enjoy

Step 1: Supplies

hot glue

Packing Tape


bike helmet


black spray paint

wax paper

hot glue gun


exacto blade

black fabric


electrical tubing

soldering iron

PVC pipe

Black T-shirt

Black morph suit.

if you own none of these it will cost around $100. I made it for free since I had these lying around.

Step 2: Step 2: the Head

For the head first, make a skeleton for it out of cardboard. then cover the top in the packing tape to make the dome. this is the most important part. if you mess up the dome it will look wonky for the rest of the build. once you have a rough frame and tape, glue the bike helmet to it where the neck should be. then proceed the build the mouth onto the front of it and the sides of the head can be made with electrical tubes or straws. to make the teeth simply cut hot glue sticks into fangs and glue them on. for added slime effect drizzle hot glue onto the fangs. adding a gum line made of hot glue above the teeth makes it look even better!

Step 3: Step 3: the Ribs, Abdomen, Tubes, and Tail

For this step get your black tee, cardboard, hot glue, and foam. first, cut out the abdomen shape seen in the pictures above, then make all the details with excess foam, straws, cardboard, and glue. This is also where the soldering iron comes in. for added detail burn in the finer details with the iron. when you are done cut out six ribs from the foam plus an additional two longer ones. then cut the sternum and glue it on. once the ribs are attached take the two extras and glue them at the shoulders as seen above. then add details with the iron as needed. for the Tubes on the back, cut them out of foam and glue straws to their sides for support. if you want the dorsal spike cut it out of cardboard. the tail can be made from a PVC pipe and cardboard.

Step 4: Step 4: the Suit

For the morph suit, you are going to want take get your cardboard, glue gun, and electrical tubing.

first, cut out around 6-8 cardboard diamonds. the drizzle hot glue lines horizontally across them. then glue the electrical tubes along their edges and down the arms/legs. do this for both arms and legs.

Step 5: Step 5: the Hands.

The hands are the easiest part. just glue the pointer and middle together so they form one finger. then do the same for the ring and pinkie. for the extra thumbs just cut them out of foam and glue them on. fake nails are good for the alien's claws.

Step 6: Step:6 Suit Up

Thank you for completing this, remember this is my first instructable so it's a bit shit.

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