Alien Sound Generator

Introduction: Alien Sound Generator

Hello, if you are curious about how the sound works with circuits and copper tapes, this is for you.

I made an "alien sound generator" using a simple circuit!

so let's get started.

you will need....

- gluegun

- very very earth cored superpower megabond magnet (just a strong magnet..)

- copper tape

- form boards :

5 pieces ; 10 inches(w) x 26 inches(h)

2 panels ; 10 inches x 10 inches

- transistor (mosfet (IRF510 or IRF520))

- ruler

- pencil

- tracing paper

- solder metal and pen-like machine

- 9v battery

- speaker( you will have to know which is + and - , the cheapest one is from sound greeting cards )

- wire stripper

- knife / blade

- scissor

Step 1: Make a Copper Tape Pattern!

alright so here we go.

have a tracing paper in front of you, take copper tape and create a pattern that you like to do

important things to remember, the copper tape has to be all connected(from start to end) and

you need to pull those starting point and end point to a corner so you can connect them with alligator clips without touching other copper tapes(you can place tracing paper below the copper tape so it is not touching).

solder to connect every points that goes to different direction other than straight.

Step 2: Create a Circuit!

do exact same thing as the picture and you will be fine.

Step 3: Cut the Form-board to Make the Holder

once you have all the materials, you can cut form boards 10 by 26, 5 of them.
4 of them will be the walls of the holder, the other one is going to be placed in the inside of the wall, creating

a wall for the replacement of copper-taped sound generator(making the back of it so it doesn't fall ),

also, you need to take a 10 by 26 board and cut the square hole in it. The hole is going to be the size of whatever you make the size of the copper-taped one.

and place it inside of the wall so it looks like the picture.

Step 4: Have the Circuit Inside the Holder and Clip It!

place the circuit inside the holder that you just made,

and have the copper-taped pattern placed inside of the holder. Connect with an alligator clip and have the superduper magnet on top of the copper tape.

if you made with a sound card, it will not sound as "alienish."

so you need to actually hit the speaker a few times (not too hard, don't break it )so it creates an unusual sound like alien sound.

enjoy! ....ssfejlfjaseifliajfealfjalef.. (alien sound..)


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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I would love to see a video showing us what sound it makes. Great information!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I believe, around the 16 second mark in the video, the high pitch ooooeeeoooeee sound is the sounds(unless that was edited into the instructable after your comment, in which case, good idea!)