Introduction: All in One Ipod Case (any Ipod)

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This is an ipod case thing i designed its a Must Make! and it is very easy and not very many materials needed!

Step 1: Materials


paper board (flimsy cardboard)
glue gun and glue
ipod original box
non slip/sticky pad (got at hardware store)
hole punch

Step 2: Top of Box

for the first step, take a hole punch and pund 3 or 4 holes in a row as shown to fit the USB male end of your cord through. and center the sticky pad it will go over off the top on the back unless you cut it down. I did not cut it down (its not mine)

Step 3: Divide

make dividers to separate anything you put in ( tutorial in next step for dividers) at this step too you can make another line of holes with the hole punch for the other end to go into your computer/outlet

Step 4: Make the Dividers

picture tutorial of how to create the dividers! the cardboard is about 4-5inches long and 5inches wide since i divided it down the center also. the long one in the center uses 6ing long by 7 wide

Step 5: Ways I Divided

this is a good way you could divide them....

Step 6: Add Another Top for Added Protection

this is an easy way for a lid. cut a piece of flimsy cardboard 6 14/16inch high by 5 inches wide. bend 3/4inches and glue the 3/4 inch tab to the box.

Step 7: Make the Tabs on the Top Straight

make these tabs straight so you can close the box and so it stays open a little bit in a slant.

Step 8: Thanks

Thanks for watching this idea just came to me in my head!

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