Introduction: All Leather Sunglasses Made From Leather Scrapes

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That's right you read right today I'll be showing how to make a pair of all leather sunglasses. The inspiration come from a random metal band prop that i saw and thought i want a pair of those so i made my own though aren't perfect. The leather I used is grade A 4 to 5 oz. scrapes that i had laying around ALL PIECES WERE SCRAPE :3

All together this project shouldn't be that hard and not that expensive.

also im to lazy to upload the pattern i made if u want me post comments :3

for give me it is late and so i am psychotic sooo there will be rhymes.

Step 1: Crap You'll Need

a compass
a ruler
card stock paper
engineer hole template with hole measurements 
a piece of leather
3-D glasses from movie theaters (optional: if u have a different pair/ style you want to use go a head )
leather sheers 
a hole punch i used 1/8th inch hole punch
a mallet or a harbor press 1ton.
rivets (use small for all of the holes except for the two holding the parts that go to your ears you should use mediums though u might be able to get away with a small.)

Step 2: Trace and Keep Pace

Fold a piece of paper in half and at the crease match the half of the glasses and trace around it. got it :3

Step 3: Redraw But Not With a Straw

after your tracing has been completed modify the style to mimic the style you want. Afterwards,  cut it out and redraw again then cut it out again. y cuz i is perfectionist :3.

Step 4: Enlarge to a Barge

After cutting out you pattern place on your face and feel how it fits cause you can't see then guesstimate how much more you need to cover and round it to either .5" or .25". 
Now how to enlarge, first redraw the pattern on a new piece of paper that you have pre-folded in half then measure 1 inch, .5 inch, and .25 inch away from the highest point on the top and draw horizontal lines. And repeat the same thing with the side, and then using your already cut template make your enlargement. never enlarge the bottom as you can see in the pic make it line up with the bottom line.

Step 5: From Concept to Design

Take your enlarge pattern and trace it onto the leather on the back ( the no smooth side).

Step 6: Draw You Lines, Don't Touch Me I'll Whine

At the top find the center and then find the half of the half...... just look at the picture. Then draw a horizontal threw the center then go from the center to half again and draw another line and the line should be at eye level. 

Step 7: Place a Hole , I Am on a Troll

Time for that engineer's hole template to come in. Since I used a 1/8th" hole I used the template to mark the first center hole then you can pretty much create your own pattern of holes for you to see out.  

Step 8: Cut Cut, Please Don't Shoot Me With a Musket

using leather sheers cut the leather on the line.

Step 9: Putting Holes, God Damn Trolls

Wet the leather front with a sponge and water and let it draw a little bit. When the leather has slightly dried start to punch holes i use a harbor 1 ton press though u may use a mallet. after wards use a scratch awl to make the hole round again and to get rid of the rough edges inside the hole.

Step 10: It's So Riveting

okay with the compass tool make ur marks if you want to though i wouldn't i hate rivets only did it to make it look like the one on the picture.

Step 11: Inspect Your Work, and Do It With a Smirk

look at what you have done. k done good lets move on. Take a something round such as your thumb or wooden leather burnisher and press the leather up at the eye holes. 

Step 12: Test Mold, Have You Been Trolled?

okay fun part take your sponge and wet it then wet your leather til is really wet but not to wet then start to mold it to your face or to that of another head fake or real, but mostly you head to see how it will fit.

Step 13: Time to Color, Don't Tie Me to an Anchor

Yes thats right time to dye and add some color. I used some timber brown tandy dye, but use whatever color you please. Also, i dipped a wool daub in to the dye and rubbed it against the leather that is moist.

Step 14: If You Have It, Smack It

okay so i have a dremel burnisher and it is an optional thing but it'll make the hole bigger, cleaner, and help you see better. look at the pictures use the tip on both the front and back, but dont press to hard.

Step 15: Make Some Marks, NO I DON'T HAVE ANY LARKS

now im using pliers to create some design this is optional soooooo its up to you.

Step 16: Rivet, Oh God I Hate Rivets

okay another optional step you don't have to use rivets and i advise you not to. no you can use double round cap and regular rivets but  whatever.  Remember to make sure u have two rivets for the attachment of the things that sit on your ears. also shellac  the pieces before you put it together. and before you shellac make sure u done final molding

Step 17: Almost Over, Before It Began

do a final mod after putting in rivets i we the back and molded it to my fast on last time then i let it dry for a little bit then i shellacked all the pieces and the finally rivet all the pieces to gether 

Step 18: Thanks

If you stayed till the end and aren't ready to kill me then congrats any questions drop them in the comments i will answer promptly. enjoy ;) also in the comments show off what you make i wanna see y'alls shades.

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