Introduction: All Out Nerf Jolt Mod

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I was playing around with my elite jolt and found out it shoots slightly less (10-15 feet) than all my other elite blasters. This have me the idea to mod the tiny terror, I sold my first mod and this is my second, I'm doing this for my buddy jesús, which is also buying it. two of theses upgrades are optional but one is not recommended, I've been wanting to do an ible in a long time but haven't gotten around to it, so here it is! (This will also work on any other version of the jolt) I am not responsible if you break your blaster while trying to mod it

Step 1: Materials

Electrical tape, Philips head screwdriver, hobby knife, plastic safe lube I use yoyo (lube), scissors, a jolt, pliers and rubber bands (optional)

Step 2: Unscrew the Jolt

The only screws will be on the gray panel on the underside, be careful when taking out the last screw because the whole assembly could shoot out unexpectedly. There are 4 total screws

Step 3: Twist Off the Dart Post

This will allow you to use smaller darts in your blaster like my mini darts (above). Just grab the post with the pliers and twist. You can take out the air restrictor at this point but makes it so it can't be dry fired, so I'll leave it up to you to look it up.

Step 4: Seal Improval

1. Take off the O ring
2. Cut electrical tape to fit the diameter and with of the gap
3. Wrap it once
4. put O ring back
5. Lube as desired (aka drench in lube, so that it shoots and primes harder and easier, respectably)
One of mine didn't need this mod, I think it's because I took the air restrictor out on the one that did need it...

Step 5: Put Everything Together

Screw everything back into place and make sure the gun works fine

Step 6: Rubber Band Mod

This is a variation of the nerfrocketeer's Guide ( to compensate for my tiny bands Do the same with the other rubber band on the other side, this can be done with as many rubber bands as you can prime it with

Step 7: Conclusion

It now shoots 5-10 feet more than it used to, it's more with the air restrictor removed though, when it actually shot further than the rest, tell me what you think in the comments and if I should do a mini dart tutorial!
(If your gun doesn't work or work as well after this mod, tell me what you did in the comments and I might be able to troubleshoot)