All That and a Can of Paint! - Kitchen Makeover & More...

Introduction: All That and a Can of Paint! - Kitchen Makeover & More...

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The before and after of our kitchen makeover that was started with a little bit of demo ( we removed the set of cabinets above the bar to create line of sight to the living area ) and one can of Olympic Icon Paint Plus Primer.

The Before...Ugly mobile home striped wallpaper that makes you wish you could strangle the goob that designed it, and then the other goob that thought it was a good idea to put it on all the walls throughout the house! Ahhhhh!!!!

With one can of Olympic paint I got...

The after, dreamy white, open, shabby chic happiness, plus wall art, Bar Stools, a Coffee Table and still paint left over to do more...

Step 1: Paint the Walls, the Cabinets, the Chairs, and Everything Else You Can Find...

1. We removed the doors to the cabinets then removed their hinges.

2. The hinges got cleaned and spray painted to make them look nice and new.

3. We then cleaned everything with a degreaser and let them dry overnight.

4. Next we painted on 3 coats of Olympic Icon Paint, letting each coat dry. Use a small foam paint roller to do the cabinets to get a very nice fine finish.

5. We also cleaned the walls, filled holes and painted three coats of Olympic Paint on the walls using good quality brushes to cut in the edges and fine foam rollers to do the rest.

*We also put a dry brush coat over the wood planks under the bar.

The Olympic paint has very good coverage and we have a small kitchen so 3 coats really didn't use much paint.

It looks soooooo much better in there without the floral stripes everywhere.

We also added three coats of paint to our 4 bar stools and we had so much paint left over we got some other projects done too...

Step 2: Hand Painted Vintage Window Wall Art for Your Kitchen

1. Create a graphic using Photoshop or other image software.

2. Print it out and tape it to the back of your vintage window.

3. Paint over the top of the window with the Olympic Icon paint you had left over from your Kitchen makeover using a small brush.

4. Remove art from back of window and paint the insides of each letter a different Olympic color from the back of the window to create a cool three dimensional look.

And because Olympic brand paint covers so well you will still have more paint left over to do other projects...

Step 3: All That in a Can of Paint...Coffee Table Makeover

Enter the $15 Goodwill coffee table

1. Clean the table and let dry thoroughly.

2. Paint table with three coats of Olympic Icon Paint using a good brush. Let dry.

3. Distress edges of table with sandpaper, not over every surface, but on the corners and here and there to make it look more natural and weathered.

4. Cut a piece of antique tin ceiling tile to fit the top of the table.

5. Have a local glass company cut a piece of glass to cover the table.

So as you can see Olympic Icon Paint Plus Primer is a good paint for multiple surfaces, wall papered walls, wood of various types, glass, and more. It is the only paint we use because it works so well.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work, all around!

    That hand-painted window sign is especially nice. Love that!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks so much! That window is my favorite thing in my house right now, lol.