Introduction: All Year Round Greetings

All Year Round Greetings, a blessing gift which fits for all ages!

All Year Round Greetings is designed for Arduino beginners to construct.


1. Styrofoam board x 1 (width: 28 cm length: 15 cm )

2. Four photos of four seasons

3. Small embellishment (optional)

4. One large round box (height: 10 cm and diameter: 22cm)

5. One cover (diameter: 22.5 cm)

6. Stepper Motor x1

7. Small greeting card x1

8. Utility knife x1

9. Cutting board x1

10. Pencil x1

11. Cardboard x1 (if it is bigger than the area of 11cm x 11 cm then it's ok)

12. Hot glue x1

13. Double-sided tape x1

14. Arduino wires

15. Arduino board

16. Wire that connects the computer

Step 1: Coding and Arduino Electrical Diagram

Coding link:

Translation of the coding (Into English)

Green - Control (program)

Red - Adafruit

Light Yellow - Digital Pins

Step 2: Making the Basic Structures

Prepare a styrofoam board, cut it into four even 7 cm by 15 cm pieces (width x length)

After that, use the remaining styrofoam board to make the bottom plate. Cut out a circle from the styrofoam with a diameter of 14 cm, and stick it with a black paper that has an exact size with it.

Step 3: Adding Pictures

Print out 4 different seasonal pictures and trim them into the size that is same as the styrofoam board with the width of 7cm and the length of 15cm. Stick all of the 4 pictures on the 4 styrofoam boards respectively.

Step 4: Decorating

Glue all four styrofoam boards with pictures on the bottom plate, and decorate the empty spaces with embellishments accordingly. After completion, glue the bottom plate onto another piece of cardboard, which has a diameter of 11 cm by using double-sided tape.

Step 5: Making the Base

Use the remaining cardboard to make a round plate that has a diameter of 22.5 cm. Cover the 22.5cm diameter plate onto a rounded box (height: 10 cm and diameter: 22cm.) Cut a small hole on the edge of the 22.5 cm plate in order to let the wire that is connected to the computer and all the arduino wires out.

Step 6: Fine-tune the "All Year Round Greetings"

Use the cover to hide all the wires, Arduino board and inside the box. Stick the stepper motor at the bottom of the small cardborad plate, and put the entire decoration onto the cover. In order to let the stepper motor function smoothly, you could stick two lids on the cover of the box.

Step 7: Final Touch : Greeting Card

Write a small greeting card, then stick it on the 22.5 cm plate. Finally, add decorations (optional).

Step 8: Completion!!