Introduction: All in One Wheel

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Hi friends

In this instructable we are going to see a prototype of my idea

my idea is to place every thing (motor,battery and other) inside the wheel

so we can able to plug the wheel in to any thing to make it as an electric vechile

and also save some space on the vehicle


  1. cardboard
  2. switch
  3. motor
  4. battery

Step 2: Step 1

First glue the motor on the base

Step 3: Step 2

Place the battery at the side of the motor

note: The battery and the motor arrangement must be perfectly symmetrical for mass balance

Step 4: Step 3

Now connect connect the battery,motor and switch in to a circuit

The switch is place on the cut on the cardboard made for it

Then glue the cardboard at the top to complete the build

Step 5: Working

I just connect the motor shaft with a pen for demo purpose

we can connect it with any toy to make it run

Thanks for watching

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