Introduction: All in One Work Bench

Built this workbench to maximize my work area in the garage. I wanted lots of tool storage with power built in and a table saw outfeed table. It had to be movable

Step 1: Start With Lumber and a Sketch

I started with a trip to the big orange store.15-2x4
4-1x2 pine strips
2 sheets of cabinet grade 3/4
3" wood screws
Epoxy paint and primer
Wood stain.

I then drew a sketch of what I wanted

Step 2: Practice Your Joints.

I took some scrap wood and practiced the joints I wanted to you. I used half laps so I set my sliding compound saw to the depth I needed and made lots of cuts next to each other

Step 3: Start Cutting Wood

Start cutting your frame work. Make sure you test each joint as you go

Lots of cutting here

Step 4: Assemble

Assemble all the framing components. Make sure everything is square

I used wood glue and 3 inch wood screws here

Step 5: Add Casters

I added caster to make it easier to move around

Step 6: Cleaned Up Joints and Add Power

Next I cleaned up the joints using wood filler and added electrical boxes under the table. I worked the 4 electrical boxes together then wire a cut off extension cord to the last box to plug into the wall.

Step 7: Prime Bench and Stain Top

Next I primed the bench with kills primer and stained the top of the bench.

Step 8: Put in the Sun to Dry


Step 9: Paint

I wanted a strong finish so I used a oil based epoxy paint. 3 coats

Step 10: Add Lower Shelfing

For this is used 2x6 lumber. I cut it all to fit them removed and stained it before screwing it down with pocket holes from the bottom

Step 11: Make Edge Trim

I made edge trim to hide the plywood edges. I but to size, mite red the corners and stained them. I used pocket screws to attach them

Step 12: Lower Shelf

Made the lower shelf the same way, cut, stained , edge trim, then pocket hole to attach

Step 13: Finish With Polyurethane to Protect Finish

Used 3 coats of polyurethane to protect the top surface

Step 14: Load It Up With Tools

Got all my stuff put on it

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