Introduction: Reycycled Natural Beaver Chewed Rustic Wood Table ,the Only One in the World

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My homemade Table was built using Spruce from a Forest Fire for the bottom gray areas with 2 logs both chewed by a Beaver on each of the ends and a piece of Driftwood as the flat surface.
This was all assembled using Mortice and Tenon joints. It has lasted many years I made this 8 Years ago myself.
I first found the two perfect Beaver chewed logs.

Using wood from a burn area I assembled the rear legs ,then the side braces holding the front legs to the rear. Front legs were next as shown in photos.

Placing 3 braces between the 2 top logs then drilling holes in the top logs for the legs to attach legs with wooden plugs 1 inch wide by 3 inches long hooking legs to table top also as shown.

I found the top flat part on a beach and it was a complete, original, one of a kind and I use it as a End Table.

Tools used:
Battery Hand Drill
One Inch Forsner drill bit
One Inch Tenon cutter
Glue with Damp Sponge [that glue works best if you moisten the areas to be glued] or Carpenter Glue
Hand Saw
Pilot Hole drill bit
Sanding block
3 inch long Stainless Steel wood Screws and 1 inch long for leveling the top

Wood legs were approximately 30 inches tall
Side braces were approximately 14 inches long
Rear and front braces were approximately 24  inches
Wood plugs were long Tenon ends cut off to form wood plugs
All above measurements include Tenon ends

Using a Soda can and Water to make the table top level by turning center Screws on 3 braces shown in photos until water is centered.

All my tools were purchased through the mail from 'Rockler' or 'Rockler Woodworking and Hardware' online. They ship International.So all tools shown are from Rockler USA.

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