Introduction: Simple Knex Car INSTRUCTIONS

I was designing a good car with a small piece count. This is what came out. It's fast, fairly light, and has a nice crash.

Step 1: Front

Step 2: Back

The back is the same as the front, but with a different trunk. just put a short green on one of the spokes on a 360 connector, then 2 whites (the green piece being 0 degrees) at 45 and -45 degrees, then at -135 and 135. Put a yellow 180 connector, with 2 greens out the sides. attach and you're done!

Step 3: Middle

Easiest part. just follow the first pic.


That's what you should have left over. Just stick it together, and have fun!


Crash derby

Knexbox/pineplastic derby (rolling down hills)

Jumping competition

And modding competition

"What? Modding competition?" You ask.

Well, you can easily modify this car to put your own touches. like skirts around wheels, or a jousting stick, or whatever you want. maybe a spoiler would look cool. send my your modded images plz! Remember, "If you can imagine it, you can build it!"