Introduction: How to Make a Seat for Less Than 8 Eur in Less Than 4 Min.

Sitting all day sucks, because it causes back pain sometimes. Standing all day sucks as well, because it causes tired legs after a while. So while working at Open Design City today, I was wondering how to solve this with a very low budget and without a lot of time. So I came up with some kind of seating, and I thought I´d rather share it with you quickly before it get´s lost, as some kind of immediate project documentation. And if you want to make your own, this is how it works.

Step 1: What You Need.

What you need to get:


- 1 old bicycle saddle, 0,00 Eur (recycled)
- 80-95 cm of roundwood, pine tree 22mm, max. 4,00 Eur
- 1 plunger, ca. 4,00 Eur
- 1 wood screw


- Saw to cut the roundwood, if necessary
- Sandpaper
- Srewdriver
- Wrench

What you need to do:

Remove the stick from the plunger and replace it with the roundwood. Grind down the other end of the stick to 18 mm and assemble the saddle. Push the plunger down to the floor, so it gets sucked down and the seat doesn´t slip away.

Step 2: Cut Roundwood.

Depending on your body size you will need a piece between 80-95 cm to sit comfortably.

Step 3: Grind Down One End of the Stick.

Grind down one end of the stick to 18 mm using coarse sand paper in order to attach the saddle.

Step 4: Attach Plunger.

Use a woodscew to attach the plunger to the stick. You might want to drill a whole first to make it easier to tighten the screw.

Step 5: Attach Saddle.