Introduction: Alligator Clips

I ran out of alligator clips when I really needed them to fix something, so I devised this rough fix from clothespin and some copper wire.

Step 1: Step 1: What You Need

First, collect all the materials. You need:


-thick solid copper wire (mine was old house wire I found in the scrap bin about 1 mm in diameter)

-some kind of glue

As for tools, you need to get:

-a hammer

-a torch

-a wire cutter

Step 2: Step 2: Prepare the Wire

Cut the wire to manageable pieces.

Then strip the wire.

Try to straighten it as much as possible too.

After that, I put the wire on an anvil and hammered it as flat as possible.

A quick tip for working with copper:

It's quite ductile even on room temperature but work hardens quite fast so pay attention to that.

Heating it up makes it really easy to work with but mind not to let it cool too much because copper, unlike most other metals, hardens by letting it cool slowly and softens by quenching it in water.

I tried this a few times and had the best results with heating the wire up with a torch first, then quenching it before starting to hammer on it and redoing that a few times whilst working on it.

You want to heat and quench it yet again after your done forming. This is so that the wire will last longer because you will bend the copper to attach cables to it.

Step 3: Step 3: Glue Them Together

Cut about 6 cm long, as flat and straight as possible pieces form your flattened wire.

Shape it to one side of the clip and glue it in place so that a bit of wire hangs out free.

That piece of extra copper can be used to attach a stranded wire to it to use as connection.