Introduction: Alligator Toothbrush Caddy.

About: i like cute things.

Often I hear: "Your teeth! They are so dazzling and magnificent! How do you keep their pearlescence so brilliant?" Well, my secret is not a sonicare, nor a paste. It is the alligator that takes care of my toothbrush while I'm not home. This friendly, but sharp, little guy has four holes to hold toothbrushes, razors, and a little tail-tray to hold floss and hygiene necessites.

To make it:

I used CorelDRAW to create a vector path of an alligator. Then put holes in his back to hold multiple toothbrushes. I used a strip bender to form the acrylic into a wall-mountable object.

I used a laser cutter and 1/8th inch acrylic to create this cutie. The .cdr file is attached.

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