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Introduction: Alloy Center Cap (dust Cap) for Free

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Replace old dented dust caps for almost any speaker up to 8 inch! With a new free alloy dust cap.

What you will need is:

A pair of old/new speakers preferably with damaged dust caps

A pair of scissors

A sharp blade of your choice

Some old drinks cans uncrushed

Some glue of choice

A weight ( d cell battery or similar by weight)

And some steady hands that are patient

Step 1: Remove Old Centre Cap

I tend to use a Stanley blade on it own to carefully cut out the centre cap.if the speaker has the two wires to the coil start at the opposite side so you can take a look under the cap to be sure u don't accidentally cut the wires they are usually very thin so are easily damaged. once you have removed the old cap you are halfway there.!
Sorry don't have any in the making at the moment so you will just have to imagine the speaker with the centre cap removed

Step 2: Get Yourself a Couple of Drinks Cans

All you have to do is remove the base of the can simply with a pair of scissors there will be a lot of sharp edges during this step so wear garden gloves or leather welding gauntlets if you feel u can't control your own hands!

Step 3: In This Step All You Will Need Is Glue

Most glue will do depending on how soon you want to listen to your speaker apoxy resin is my favourite as they will be ready to use by the time you have tidied up !

I have added another few photos of a 2" speaker with the centre caps fitted the normal (convex) type way round they work ether way round and I think I will be fitting them in to the logs at the side of my tv?

Step 4: Tidy Up and Enjoy

After applying glue to the underside edges of the new dust cap carefully place and centre it within the speaker once you are happy with the positioning place a weight not too heavy just to hold it tight against the cone until dry.

Try not to get glue all over the cone like I did it won't affect the sound but it doesn't look professional.

Also try your very hardest not to let glue enter the coil gap or you can say goodbye to your defunct speaker as that woul be quite difficult to remove!

Iv managed in all the speakers I have don not to do this so it is safe enuf to do most speakers have a small lip from the coil to the cone just don't spill any down the hole!

Happy modifying the centres are very easy to polish before glueing in to place to give the look of expensive speakers.

Also most cans have a number stamped on the base this just gives the speaker a unique number once polished it's not visible so don't worry about it too much.

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    9 years ago

    I thought so too simple and free apart from the glue? And the kids can't dent them now!