Almond Halwa

Introduction: Almond Halwa

-Almond halwa is indian dessert prepared on special occassions and during festivals.

-It has its unique taste and chewy texture and prepared with common ingredients


-Half cup almonds

-1/4 cup sugar

-1/4cup+3tbsp milk

-Crushed cardamom

-2 tbsp melted butter or ghee

-Nuts and raisins for garnishing

Step 1: Soak the Almond and Peel

-Soak half cup of almonds for 3hours in warm water and peel them or you can soak overnight.

Step 2: Blending

-Next take peeled almonds in blender and blend them to paste by adding 1/4 cup milk.

Step 3: Sauteing

-Transfer the almond paste to a non stick pan or vessel.

-Add tbsp of melted butter or ghee to it and saute on low to medium flame for a minute

Step 4: Add Sugar

-Next add sugar and saute continuosly until the sugar dissolves completely

Step 5: Add 3 Tbsp Milk

-Further add 3 tbsp milk to it. Here we can dissolve few saffron strands in milk and add for yellow color.

-I added normal milk without saffron.

Step 6: Add Tbsp of Ghee

-Keep stirring until it thickens on low medium flame and again add a tbsp of melted butter

-Stir till the mixture seperates from pan.

Step 7: Add Cardamom,nuts and Raisins

-Finally add crushed cardamom and garnish with nuts and raisins


-You can prepare consistency as per your wish by adding little more milk

-You can increase the butter or ghee quantity to prevent it from sticking on pan

-You can also add saffron or yellow food color

-Maintain low flame to prevent burning

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    5 years ago

    This sounds delicious. I will have to pick up some almonds next time I shop. Have you ever tried it with a different kind of nuts? Pecans are very popular with my kids. Do you think it would work?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Hi mrsmerwin .You can mix nuts of your choice and can add cashews,almonds.I didnt try with pecans but i think you can mix pecans with other nuts and try.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you. I may try it on my kids both ways just to see if they like it.