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Introduction: "Almond Joy" Almond Milk

Here is a recipe for almond joy milk.

Homemade almond milk is so much creamier than the store bought stuff.

This is my recipe to make a chocolatey coconut flavor, but feel free to alter to your own taste preferences.

Step 1: Ingredients

1 can coconut water

1 cup soaked almonds

2 dried dates (optional) (they add sweetness)

1.25 cups water

1 T sweetened coco powder

( I have made with and without dates, both ways are delicious)

Step 2: Soak Almonds

take the almonds and cover with water

allow to soak overnight until the almonds have swollen

Step 3: Blend the Almonds

Add the soaked almonds and dates into the blender.

Pour in coconut water.

Blend a few minutes until water becomes milky and almond is pulp like

Step 4: Strain

Next strain out the almond pulp.

To do this i took a mesh bag ( there are nut milk specific ones, but i just used a plain mesh bag with elastic) and place this in a pitcher.

Pour the mixture in the bender into bag.

Squeeze the bag to remove excess liquid.

Step 5: Repeat the Process With Pulp and Water

Now take the pulp in the bag and dump that back in the blender.

Add the 1.5 cups of water.

Blend again as with coconut water and strain the same way.

The remaining pulp can be used for another purpose (any recipe requiring almond meal/pulp).

Step 6: Add Chocolate and Enjoy

Rinse the blender, then add the strained milk to the blender.

Add in 1 Tbs cocoa powder and blend till combined.

Your milk is now ready.

I usually pour this into mason jars for easy transportation. If the milk seperates (which will happen), just shake it back together. make sure to store in the fridge.

Enjoy :)

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    7 years ago

    I want to make this! I need to go to the store now and buy lots of almonds. Can the pulp be used for anything else?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You can use it in any recipe that calls for almond meal (though I think technically you should dry it first.) I made these (http://thelittlewhitekitchen.com/?p=674) brownies using the almond meal in place of the gluten free flour and they were amazing ...


    7 years ago on Introduction

    yum! wonderful recipe, thanks for sharing! can you suggest where I'd buy one of those mesh strainers? Great idea to put them in the mason jars for storage too, I feel like that's great for transporting the drink!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I actually got the mesh bag from a friend. She bought a package of 3 and didn't need the extra. I think she bought it at Lowes. You can also look for bags designed specifically for this purpose, they are called nut milk bags (tee hee).

    yeah the mason jars makes it easy to throw in the lunch bag :)