Introduction: Layad Circuits Alphanumeric Keyboard With ESP32 and Character LCD

This article demonstrates the use of an alphanumeric keyboard module and a 16x2 I2C character LCD module to input data to the ESP32. This method can be used to enter and retrieve Wi-Fi credentials and other information to and from the ESP32.


1 x ESP32 DEVKIT DOIT board

1 x Layad Circuits Kimat Alphanumeric Keyboard

1 x 9V/2A DC Power Supply

1 x DC-DC Buck Converter LM2596

1 x 16x2 I2C Character LCD

2 x 1N5819 Schottky Diodes

Step 1: Project Video Demonstration

The project presented in this article can be used as a reference to create more complex menu-based Arduino applications.

Step 2: The Layad Circuits Alphanumeric Keyboard Module

The Layad Circuits Alphanumeric keyboard module is a complete and fully-featured keyboard solution for your Arduino based projects. The module features 96 standard conflict-free keys and several function keys with tactile feedback. The module can be easily connected to any device with a UART or I2C interface. No additional special interface hardware (such as PS2 or USB) required.
The Layad Circuits Alphanumeric keyboard comes in a compact and slim form factor with corner mounting holes which allow it to be readily integrated to panels and fixtures. It has removable stylish circular key caps which can be easily replaced or maybe labeled if desired. It has a built-in power LED indicator and an activity LED indicator. The Layad Circuits Alphanumeric keyboard module has a built-in processor which handles all the electronics level processing of the keys. This ensures a very fast keyboard response and optimum user experience.

For more information, visit the product page:

Layad Circuits Alphanumeric keyboard

Step 3: Schematic Diagram

The schematic diagram shows the wiring of the components.

Step 4: Arduino Sketch

The attached compressed file contains the Arduino sketch used in this project. Also, for reference, the versions of the Arduino IDE and the ESP32 board files used in this project are shown in the screenshot images.