Alter Human Shirts to Fit a Dog's Body




Introduction: Alter Human Shirts to Fit a Dog's Body

You wouldn't think that this would be too hard.

And yet it took me several franken-hoodies to figure out exactly where to nip and tuck to convert people clothes to dog clothes.

Children's clothing probably will work best for all but the very largest breeds.

For example, my dog, a medium-sized, somewhat barrel-chested pit bull mix, fits into a human-child size Large (7-8).

Step 1: Cutting and Sewing

It's ridiculously simple. How did I get it wrong so many times?

You're basically just cutting darts to move the arm holes from coming out the sides to coming out the front. I've tried to show how the overall shape changes once the seams are sewn together. Of course I did not take pictures while the work was in progress, because I didn't think it would work.

Step 2: Enjoy!

It really is that simple.

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Question 1 year ago

The diagram is not clear at all, and that is the whole instructable. What is the removed parts, and what is the pattern of the shirt? Mark up a plain t-shirt, not one with a pattern. Also, show the t-shirt off of the dog, it's hard to see the shape when the shirt is on the dog. Thanks for doing this.