Introduction: Alter the Weight of a Punchbag

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Buying an empty punchbag can save a lot of money on delivery costs and it can be filled cheaply to your preferred preference of weight. Pre-filled bags often get filled with shredded clothes (textile shredding/textile wadding) which can make a real mess if you wish to modify its weight.

Some pre-filled bags get filled with old clothes. Having experimented with different bag filling, my preferred method is to use clothing. For this tutorial, you will need.

Textile scissors

Approx forty pounds in clothing.

Empty punchbag

Step 1: Preparing the Bag Filling

With a pair of textile scissors cut out all the zippers and buttons that could damage the bag.

Fold the clothing items and stuff them down into the bag. If there are any lumps bang them into the bag using the flat of your hands.

Step 2: Stuffing the Bag

Keep pressing the material down into the bag ensuring that get right into the sides.

Step 3: Add Additional Weight

After filling the bag a foot with clothes you may want to add more weight.

Some people like to use sand for extra weight. It is not a good idea to have sand at the bottom of the bag as it can harden and can cause injury. Also, you don't want to pour the sand directly into the bag as it can become damp, set and ruin the bag as well as potentially causing injury.
If you want to use sand you will need the following additional items Plastic bags or rubble sacks Duct tape Silver sand approx ten kilos.

First of all fill half the bag with old clothing This stops the sand bags sagging straight to the bottom and developing a rock-like feel.

Place a plastic bag inside another for extra support. Carefully pour or scoop silver sand into the plastic carrier bag. Once you have the approx size of a 1kg bag of sugar, tie the end of the bag and wrap the loose plastic around the sand bag. Use duct tape to tie it up. It doesn't have to be brick shaped or perfect. What is important is that you place them carefully in the middle of the punchbag ensuring that they are totally surrounded by at least three inches of tightly packed clothing/rags. The textiles should stop the bags from splitting inside the bag from the force of punches.

If the bag is too heavy or you decide to make lighter in the future just unzip/unfasten the top of the bag and individually take the plastic bags of sand out until you get the desired weight.