Alternative Generation Worksheet

Introduction: Alternative Generation Worksheet

This step by step process will help you create an Alternative Generations Worksheet, save it and print it.

Step 1: Disclaimer

This presentation is only for educational use only, it is

not intended to take one’s professional position. Samples used are able to be changed and do not have to be used in the same format every time. This is a safe example and no one was harmed in the making.

Step 2: Turn on Your Computer

This button could be on the side or on the very front

Step 3: Open Excel

Once your computer has loaded and is ready locate excel on the screen and double click to open

Step 4: Select Blank Worksheet

Once Excel has opened select the first option that is called Blank Worksheet

Step 5: Worksheet Will Open

After selecting blank worksheet the excel program will open up a blank worksheet that will look like this

Step 6: Insert Column Titles

Starting in Cell B1 start to type in the Column titles

· Alternative

· Description

· Author

· Contact Information (phone/e-mail)

· Sources or additional information

Step 7: Inserting Numbers

In cell B2 type the numbers 1-20 hitting the enter key to go down each row

Step 8: Fitting the Words in the Cell

To fit all the words in the column go to the line between each cell and double click that line

This automatically moves the cell so that each word will fit

Step 9: Print Lines

Locate the page layout tab

Once you have clicked on it select the print gridlines option

Step 10: Start to Save the File

Once you finished resizing the cells to fit the words

Go to the top right hand of the worksheet to the tab that says FILE

Step 11: Save As

When you select the tab file this new page appears

That is where you go down the tabs and select save as

Step 12: Opening Save As

When you select the tab Save As this new screen will appear

This is where you will name your file so that you can locate it to reprint it if needed again

Step 13: Finish Saving

Once you finished adding the title you can hit your ENTER key or go to the right hand side and hit that save button beside the new document title

Step 14: Now to Print

Once the file is saved it will take you back to your worksheet automatically

You will want to go to the File tab again or hit Crtl and the letter p at the same time

Step 15: Find the Print Tab

When you find the print tab click that and this page will open up

Step 16: Fit Sheet to One Page

Before selecting print check on your page options to the last one

Make sure that Fit sheet to one page is selected

Step 17: Print

Be sure your computer is connected

Hit that print button!

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