Introduction: Alternative Heating Controll Circuit

When we use build circuits, we always choose the most productive way to construct it. For example, in our computational craft class, we often use copper tape for building circuits rapidly.

However, in the soft circuit making process, sometimes we need to change the circuit, so it can integrate into the craft.

In this instructable, I'd like to show my own process of how to build an alternative heating control circuit.


Felt fabric, copper thread, needles, FQP30N06L, arduino, connection wires.

Step 1: Plan for the Circuit

The original circuit and the alternative circuit I imagined.

Remember to abstract all the lines.

Step 2: Make the Felt Leaves

First, draw the outline of the leaves.

Then use transfer paper to draw it on felt fabric.

Then cut them off along the line.

Step 3: Use Thread to Sew and Embroidery

Use copper thread as conductive circuit to sew and embroidery the circuit on leaves and fabric. Remember to look at the circuit we imagined in step 1.

Remember to leave enough length of thread at the end, so it can connect with other circuit easily.

Step 4: Solder All the Electronics

Place the FQP30N06L, 100k Ohm resistor, and 1N4001 Diode to the place in the image.

Then solder them with the particular copper thread.

Step 5: Connect the Finished Heating Control Circuit With Arduino!

arduino code:

void setup() {
// put your setup code here, to run once:

pinMode(9, OUTPUT);


void loop() { // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

analogWrite(9, 130);


// analogWrite(9, 0); // delay(1000);


And see if its working!