Introduction: Alternative Ways to Tie Your Shoes

In this intructable you will learn several different ways to tie your shoes.

You will need:
Shoes with laces
Feet or paws
And ribbon for jellyshoes

Step 1: The Single Loop

This is the shoe tieing technique called, "The Single Loop".

First, make a single loop.
Then take the other string and wrap is around your loop twice, as in the picture.
Next, take that same string and slip it under the coils around your single loop.
Pull it and viola! You have successfully tied a single loop.

Step 2: The Invisi-Bow

And this is the Invisi-Bow! For this I used my best friend, Sunbank's, shoes. They are the sexiest shoes I've ever seen and this is a fact.

First, take both laces and put it through on cross laces a little over halfway up the shoe.
After you do this, pull the laces tight.
Next you wrap the laces around the string that's pulled tight. Do this to both sides.
You now tie it behind your ankle.

Your bows are now invisible! :D

Step 3: The Quadra-Bow

For this I used another pair of Sunbanks's shoes. They are very comfy.

Firstly, you tie your shoes like normal. And if you tie your shoes in a bizarre way, tie them the way the people who give you weird looks tie them.
Next, you take the strings that just hang on the sides and make them into loops. You tie them together, but very loosely. DO NOT pull them tight or the whole thing will fall apart.
You know have four loops, so you put one finger through each loop and pull them all at the same time.

You now have a Quadra-Bow!!

Step 4: Tieing JellyShoes

This is how you tie your laceless jellyshoes! These are, again, Sunbank's shoes.

First, you need jellyshoes and ribbon.
Next you thread the ribbon through a couple of holes in the shoe.
You then criss-cross the ribbon across your foot and put it through the holes.
Once you are down criss-crossing, tie a bow over your foot so it doesn't all come apart.

And you're done! :D

Step 5: Chain Lace

Do these look familiar?
Again they are Sunbank's shoes.

First, you cross the laces like shown in the picture. You do this everytime you tie your shoes, so it shouldn't be that difficult.
Do this over and over until you have a nice chain reaching the top of the laces on your shoe.
Take the lace put it through the top of your shoe lace thingy. Pull them tight, and tie them in a bow.

Congradulations! You now have a Chain Lace :]

Step 6: Ring of Fire

I fell into a buring ring of fire...

These are, yet again, Sunbank's shoes. They are not as comfy as her others, mind you.

You start out by crossing your laces. You then pull the laces up and cross them again, but higher. See picture for help.
You then take one of the laces and wrap it around the lace between the two crosses. You can either use one lace to wrap it around the whole thing, or use one lace of each side. Both ways work.
Next, take the laces and put it through the shoe lace thingy. Tie it.

You now have a Ring of Fire on your shoe!