Introduction: Altoid Flash Light

basically our idea was to make a flashlight out of a Altoid box using only a 9v battery, LED, connector for the 9v, button/switch, and wires

it was a success read more steps if interested on how we built it and how it worked

Step 1: Materials

first a altoid mint box you can find at any convenient store

  • Solder tool
  • Small LED lights
  • Resistors 100 ohm
  • Solder Wire
  • Push button or switch which ever works
  • 9v battery with connector
  • wires
  • electrical tape

Step 2: How to Put It Together

now the ''fun'' part to put the project together

first we grabbed the altoid box and made two holes one on the side and one on the front. The side is for where the button will be going and the front is for the LED

wires must be stripped from the tip and start soldering the wires with the 9v connector wire, stripped the wires as well, then solder the wires to the LED and the button tape the wires with electrical tape so it wont heat up the box

what we ended up doing is using hot glue to seal parts around the area for the button so it wouldnt push into the box when using the flash light

Step 3: Results

at last we finished our project and it was a success mistakes were made during the process but we improved our flashlight

the altoid box kept getting heated only because we used duct tape instead of electrical tape and it was heating our box

do not use a resistor higher than 100ohm because it will burn the flashlight causing it to explode