Introduction: Altoid Survival Flashlight Kit

People put all sorts of thigs in an altoids tin, but the tin itself is just a tin. Turn it into something more, like a flashlight

Step 1: Get Some Altoids

Eat some mints. There's about 75 mints per altiod container, so have fun. When you're done, continue.

Step 2: Punch Holes for LEDs

I used 5 leds. Use however many you want. The more LEDs, the more holes you have to punch/ drill. After each hole is punched, I recommend putting a small plastic LED holder in it. You can get them from any electrical supply site.

Step 3: Cut Switch Hole

The type of switch you use may vary, so I'll leave it to you how you cut the shape, but it should go on the side of the tin.

Step 4: Wire Components

Wire all the LEDs, switch, and battery together. Use a 9-volt battery. I'll explain why later.

Step 5: Put the Stuff in the Tin

The way my switch is, I had to put the LEDs and battery through the hole for it to fit, but as I said before, it may vary.

Step 6: Glue Components In

Super glue the LEDs into the plastic clips and the switch onto the tin. Let the battery sit in loosely.

Step 7: (Optional) Shape Lid to Switch

My switch is very large, so the tin did not close completely. If this is apparent for your switch, too, grind a bit away from the lid so that it fits smoothly over the switch.

Step 8: (Optional) Add Steel Wool and Any Other Things

Wrape a bit of steel wool in some cellophane and put it in the tin. The 9-volt battery can spark to steel wool to start a fire. The steel wool is wrapped in plastic because otherwise, it would be sparked by the battery and burn out the flashlight, and also it would mess with the circuitry. In addition, if you have more room, you can throw in some fish hooks and line, matches, a compass, or whatever.

Step 9: Light Stuff Up

In both senses of the phrase, you can light stuff up with the flashlight, or LIGHT STUFF UP with fire. From the battery and steel wool.

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