Introduction: Altoids Ipod Case With Mini Speaker

       This case is durable, easy to make, and low cost. I managed to find everything I needed at home.
   I have an ipod nano, so I don't know how this will work for other ipod types, but a nano fits wonderfully into an Altoids tin. A downside of this speaker is it has a limited volume because it was originally headphones; the upside is they fit right into the case.

Step 1: What You Need...

You will need...
-an Altoids tin (an ipod nano fits perfectly)
-Styrofoam (you can use packaging from anything you have on hand)
- speakers (from old over-the-head headphones; the speakers snap out easily, or old ear buds)

The speakers aren't essential, but it defeats the point of ipod case with mini speakers to leave them out.

Tools I recommend for this are...
-needle nose pliers
-x-acto knife
-drill or other puncturing device

Step 2: The Foam

   You will begin by tracing the Altoids tin and the speaker on the Styrofoam. With the x-acto knife carefully cut out, then trim to the proper thickness so that the foam will fit into the tin. Next, hollow out holes for speakers. Now, cut a groove for the ipod itself. When inserted, the speakers should be flush with the top of the foam. I fit the cord of the speakers into the case by coiling them up. (If you're gifted with electronics, you can shorten your cord to a convenient length.)

Step 3: Drilling the Hole

   To begin, mark the placement of the headphone jack on the tin. Then drill the hole. On the next part I used a needle nose pliers. You need to cut a crescent out of the edge of the tin's lid.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

    The final challenge is putting it all together. Begin by inserting the foam (I wrapped it in some cloth to make it a little more fancy.) Then add the speakers.

    Voilà, your ipod case is complete. To use the speaker simply take out the ipod and plug it into the speakers and turn up the volume.