Altoids Airsoft Care Package

Introduction: Altoids Airsoft Care Package

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Have you ever been pinned down in an airsoft battle and you are out of ammo or Co2?  If so, then this is the quick and easy project for you.  This project conceals a Co2 cartridge and about 275 pellets in one altoids tin.
-Altoids Tin
-Jones Carbonated Candy Tin
-Ammo of your choice
-Co2 Cartridge

Step 1: Pour the Ammo

Pour the ammo into the tin.  I find that it makes less noise when you fill it to the top.

Step 2: Put It Together!

First, put the Smaller tin into the Altoids tin, then put in the C02.  It should be a snug fit, but it may depend on if you use a tin other than the Jones Carbonated Candy.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    that is extreamly smart! I actualy made one today cant wait to use it but I have a uprade that I made u should to. what I did is I cut the jones tin in half and in the free space I put a little airsoft grenade I made out of a small ziplock bag that comes with cloths and filled it with bbs and I put a small fire cracker in it. I also added 3 redbird matches with a stricker to the top of the tin so I can light the frag. I also put a tiny smoke bomb in there just small enough to make a distraction. I hope u consider this upgrade ;)


    This is a pretty cool idea. And just imagine the look on your teammate's face when he asks you for ammo and you toss him this haha