Introduction: Altoids Apocalypse/Survival Kit

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Although I understand that there are a lot of these floating around on Instructables, a group of friends and I each created one of these and made ours better-using others ideas. So, this one I swear has a lot of different people's ideas put into it. That is why I think it might be worth people's time. :)

Step 1: Gathering Materials and What They Are For

Some of these things should be obvious, but I will talk about all of them anyways. Some objects can be used for many things, and not just one task, and that will also be said below.

1. Pocket Knife

-Pocket knives can be used to complete many useful tasks.

2. 2 Rubber Bands

- Holding the case closed and can be used when needed.

3. Fishing Wire

- Used to Catch Fish

4. String

- Can be handy when trying to build or tie things together.

5. Thread

- Can be used to mend clothes or open wounds.

6. Band-Aids

- Dressing Wounds

7. Alcohol Prep Pads

-Dressing Wounds

8. Safety Pins

- Can be used when needed. Are useful when building a shelter and with other tasks.

9. Buttons

- Replace buttons on clothing. (If you're wearing a button shirt)

10. Tin Foil

- Cooking or Signaling

11. Magnets

- Used to keep metal objects in one place.

12. Small Zip-Tie

- Handy when needed to connect things.

13. Large Zip-Tie
- Handy when needed to connect things.

14. Hook

- Used to Catch Fish

15. Needles

- Can be used to mend clothing or open wounds.

16. Card Board

- Can be used to hold thread or fishing line on as seen above.

17. Snare wire

-Catching Animals (small ones). I have never used snare wire, but I understand how to.

Step 2: Packing the Altoids Can

So, there are quite a few things that you have to pack into such a small Altoids case. Therefore, I will show you how to pack it. The pictures above show the order in which you should pack things.

1. Glue the magnets into place. (Near the top of the Altoids lid)

2. Fold the tin foil into the shape of the bottom of the tin. Place it in, and make sure that it fits snug.

3. Place the band-aids and alcohol pads at the bottom.

4. Place the small and large zip-tie into the case so that they wrap around the perimeter of the case.

5. Place the Pocket Knife in the back part of the case. Place the string, fishing line, and thread in front of it.

6. Place the buttons and matches on top of the string, fishing line, and thread. Then place the snare wire on top of it.

7. Finally, put the needles, safety pins, and fishing hooks on the magnets.

8. Close the box and for good measure tie the rubber bands around the outside.

Step 3: Done!

Now, admire your work. I believe it to be a truly handsome kit, and I hope you enjoy!

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