Introduction: Altoids Bike LED Lights for Under 14 Dollars....

This is my first instructable and will show you how to build your self some sweet bike lights for your fixed gear or any kind of bike that will get you some serious street cred!!!

To Begin

solder iron
dermal tool or something to cut threw tin
wire cutters
hot glue gun

Switch from radio shack
9 volt connector from radio shack
Zip Ties
Blazer LED light from Wal-Mart auto section
LED mini Flash Light from Wal-Mart Camping section
Altoids Can
Electrical Tape
9 volt Battery
Paper Clips

Lets Begin

Step 1: Marking the Light

Step 1

1. Take out your Blazer light and plug the connector into the back the direction does not matter

2. I marked around the O to center it

3. Cut out the O with a Dermal tool

Step 2: Mounting the Light

Step two

1. Now to mount is optional but with the materials i had on hand i did it this way and it worked very good

2. Put two Paper clips through the holes in the back of the Blazer LED light.

3. Drill two holes in the Altoids can lid that align with the holes on the back side of the light

4. Bring one side of the paper clip through the hole you drilled and the other through the cut hole and wrap them tight

5. Hot glut the paper clips in place so the light does not move.

Note... there are a million ways to mount your light but this worked for me

Step 3: Wiring the Switch

Step Three

1. Insert the plug with the black and white cables

2. Drill a hole into the base of the altoid can for your switch

3. Solder white wire to red

4. Solder black light wire to Switch

5. Last Solder black battery wire to open switch prong

Step 4: Lets Try It Out... ITS BRIGHT

Step 4.

1. Insert 9volt and Admire your work

2. Not done yet though

Step 5: Installation

Step 5

Mounting the light to your bike is also optional... i did it this way because my seat had mounts on it but you can also bolt a clip to the Altoid tin and clip it to a messenger bag.

1. drilled holes in tin for zip ties

2. Zip tied to seat mounts

3. The front light is easy... First put two zip ties around the rubber part of the light

4. Wrap in electrical tape to secure

Note: for front light leave enough room in the front for twisting light on and off

Step 6: Go Ride

Hope you enjoyed my instrutable enjoy your new cheap lights!!!!