Introduction: Altoids Can - Refrigerator Magnet Pencil Organizer

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Have all (3) of your pens or pencils handy right on the refrigerator door, thanks to this handy instructable...

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I personally have a lot of experience with pens and their dastardly cousins, them pencils. They seem to always escape my grasp especially when I need them the most, whether it be for signing a paper or finishing some homework.
Usually this absence would lead to everyone in our house raiding drawers and cabinets like little viking berserkers withouth the cool hats and helmets and funky armours.
Of course, when I saw that there was a Fridge Magnet Contest, combined with my freakish desire of convenient pens and pencils led me to this creation.
Hopefully, you won't get bit or stung, perhaps a little dazed or trampled.

Step 1: Assemble Your Tools/Materials.

Needless to say, you will actually need to provide your own materials.
Unfortunately, this doesn't mean you can raid dumpsters for the supplies needed.

Step 2: Test Magnet Strength

A short step, simply place your magnets in any formation and see if it sticks onto the refrigerator door.

Step 3: Seperating the Magnets

I dunno why I make so many short little steps, but it seems to work.

Basically now, you seperate the magnets from the -- well whatever it's connected to. If its not connected to anything, congratulations, you've got better magnets that me :P

Step 4: Hammer the Holes.

Begin by bringing together the nail, the philips head screwdriver, and any pencil which would be easily replaceable.
Position the nail at the top of the Altoid's tin, centering it. Bring down you hammer of ultimate destruction and puncture the thin-ish metal. Take the nail out.
If you used a great amount of force, then you may find that the tin has mutilated itself, so you can easily bring it back to its happy ol' round smily face shape using your hands.

Regarding the second picture, you will be using a philip's head screw driver to make the hole larger, the diameter of the screwdriver should be slightly less than, if not equal to the thickness of a pencil.
Use your ripped muscles and enlarge the hole originally made by the nail.
Refer to the second picture if you do not know how it should be done...

To make sure that the hole is large enough to fit pencils in, nail a pencil in (end sharpened a little) until it can smoothly slide in and out.
If it still cannot, use a scissor to widen the hole ever so slightly more.

Step 5: The Holes

Repeat step 4 two more times, making 3 holes.
This makes a nice, even touch to your pencil/pen altoid holder.

Step 6: Add the Magnets + Pencils/Pens

Arrange your pens/pencils into your Altoids Tin.

Arrange the Magnets along with it.
Being that mine were small yet tall-ish, they were especially useful to seperate the pencils/pen from tilting/looking retarded.

If you can't find magnets like that, you can use a hot glue gun to make "lanes" for your pens to fit into, however do so at your own risk, as I have not tried so myself.

Step 7: Add the Top And...

Bam! You've got yourself a magnetic pencil/pen organizer, especially useful when you're in the kitchen short of a pencil/pen.

You've also got yourself a little piece of modern art to magnetize to your refrigerator.


*Note* This is actually my first Instructable, so please, don't eat me alive.