Introduction: Altoids D&D Dice Carrying Case (update 2010-06-20)

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Yes, something else to put in your Altoids case.

Before you can enter the Cave of ... Tracts of Land, you need your trusty dice. And to keep them safe, use your 10 levels of Craft: Altoids to make this dice case!

Step 1: Cut Some Foam

Stiff packaging foam works the best for this. Scrounge some up from packaging for computer parts. (When in doubt, ask your IT department or the equivalent thereof.)

Cut it to this size:
2.25" deep (front to back)
3.5" long (side to side)
0.75" inner height (from inside bottom of tin to rim)

Cut a bit extra off the height to make it easier to remove the dice.

Step 2: More Cutting

Decide how you want your dice to be laid out inside the tin. Then once you're ready, trace them with a pen and cut the holes.

Step 3: Skill Check

Squeeze the foam into place in the tin and press the dice in! If you make your craft skill check, you're finished!

Step 4: Bonuses!

Mini Game

This is what I've been looking for!  A mini D&D-type game for any occasion!  Print off these quick instructions, fold them up and stick them in your dice tin.  Next time you're waiting for something but you don't have the time for a full-on game, whip out the Arena 4e instructions and hack each other to bits!

Mini Tin
Look, a tiny one!  This little tin can be found here:

Step 5: References