Introduction: Altoids First Aid Tin

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Learn how to outfit an Altoids tin that is capable of dealing with problems of scrapes and pains to heart attack and anaphylactic shock. All this in a tidy neat construction case that is durable and lightweight.
Throw this in your backpack or purse for a neat and easy medical needs.
(If you happen to use this instructable and someone gets hurt its not my fault)

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

What's it sound like get all the following stuff:
-Mini ziplock bag
-'>>>> Very Important Small Container For Antiseptic <<<<
-Q-tips (cotton swabs)
-Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen (In my opinion the best non-aspirins that can be take together to relive serious pain)
-Aspirin (for heart attacks)
-Benadryl (Useful for allergies or severe allergic reactions)
BTW: If either of these things happen crush the respective medicine and put under the tongue then call 911 these are super serious (serial).
-Perscription Drugs (any you need)
-Antiseptic (look below, But hydrogen peroxide is been shown to cause scarring and to lengthen the time it takes to heal. link at bottom of page.)
-Asparagus rubber-band (any thick one will do)
-Polysporin or Bacitracin even Vaseline will work.(I don't like Neosporin)

Step 2: Removing the Paint

This takes a while but is well worth it. If your altiod tin has raised portions it might not be worth it.

Take out the artificial steel-wool and go in one direction (horizontal or vertical) to produce that clean stainless steel look. This might take a while and I used paint remover and then the artificial steel-wool.

Now Comes the Hard Part

Step 3: Packing 1

Ok now we Start to pack the goods in:
If you think you can handle it and just want to watch the slide show go here
Place the Polysporin / Bacitracin and Guaze in the bottom of the container.

Step 4: Packing 2

Add the Band-aids and Butterfly bandages, Next to the small betadine filled container.


Step 5: Packing 3

Put the pills in the bag and then roll it up and carefully place it and the tweezers in the container.

Step 6: Last Packing

Just Put those cotton swabs in an your done.
(I tapped mine together so they'd stay neat)

Step 7: All Done

Ok now just close it and then put the rubber band around it and your done.
Check out second pic. (right where first aid belongs)

Remember just becuase you have medical supplies doesn't mean you know how to use them.

If something is out of control call an ambulance there are some medical supplies you cant just walk around with.