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Introduction: Altoids MP4 Player

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Hey Folks and inventors this is my first instructable here.
I wanna show you how to create an altoids mp4-player.
I'm sorry my english isn't the best cause I'm german.

Step 1: What You Will Need

1st of course an Altoids tin
2nd an edding or any DVD marker
3rd a sharp knife
1 working MP4 Player or 2 broken so you can replace broken things from the other on
Hot glue or adhesive tape will do it too
plastic foam (ask your mum she will have a sponge in her kitchen :P)
screwdriver for disassembling the MP4-Player.

Step 2: Disassembling the MP-4 Player From Its Case

As the title says you have to disassembly the MP4-Player from its case.
You can throw the case away we don't need it anymore.
After disassembling be careful with the screen or any circuit boards.

Step 3: The Cardboard

Place the Altoids tin on a cardboard as shown in the picture, take the DVD marker and go around the edges of the tin, then cut the cardboard out under place it on the bottom of the tin.

Step 4: Cut Out Holes for USB, Micro SD, Headphone Etc.

As the title says you have to cut out some holes.
Use your sharp knife for this.
1st place everything into the tin then look where you need the holes.
Take your DVD Marker or edding and mark them.
Then take everything out of the tin and cut the holes.
In the End test if everything is well cutted out.

Step 5: Place Everything

place everything in thin tin while using hot glue or adhesive tape.
the take the plastic foam and fill holes with it so nothing is jiggling.

Step 6: Make Some Signs

on the holes you can make some marks with your edding or DVD marker.
See picture.

Step 7: Enjoy

last but not least enjoy your music, video or FM broadcast.
having fun with it.
questions in the comment section

Step 8: Reserved

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    Nice job! By the way, your English is not that bad. I had a German teacher in my engineering class, and believe you had better English than him. I was planning to do something similar with this, but with a smartphone. But this is great. Keep up the good work!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I already made one with a Smartphone before this project coming in my mind :)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Is there any way you could put the Smartphone Instructable online?