Altoids Mini Survival Kit




Introduction: Altoids Mini Survival Kit

Hello, instructables fans!

Today I have made a altoids survival kit. I will you in this instructables showing what my choises are for this kit. Let's start!!

Step 1: Medical Items

The firts part are the medical items. It included the follow items: 2 alcohol preps, 6 plasters, 2 bandages.

Step 2: Tools

As tools I have a small, but very sharp knife and a small multitool.

Step 3: Fire

For fire I have the follow items: a lighter and 2 bithday candles. I tape this items togheter with a part of ducktape. The lighter can also be used without fuel because it have a flint wheel.

Step 4: Crafting and Repair Items

The crafting- and repair-part contains 2 big rubber bands, a rope + a carabiner (not shown) and a needle and sewing line. With the rubber bands you can make a catapult or a bow. The rope is good for making a shelter and the inner ropes are good for fishinh and trapping.

Step 5: Rescue

The rescue-part contains a small flash-laserlight, a sheet of paper and a pen. The laser light is also good for self-defence by shine in the eyes of the enemy.

Step 6: How to Build Up the Kit

Firts you have to fit the medical items on the bottom. The second step is to fit the sheet of paper and the pen on the medical items. As third step come the tools, the lighter, the flashlight, a carabiner (not shown) and the sewing gear. On the top is the rope. Then you must close the tin and tape the tin close with the ducktape. As final step tie the rubber bands on the kit.

Step 7: You Be Done!

I hope this help you by build your own kit. sorry for my maybe bad english, but I come from the netherlands. And last but not least, thanks for watching!

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice. I have never found a multi-tool that would fit into a tin like this. Where did you get this?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Hello, DIY Hacks and how tos,

    Sorry, but i don't know. The multitool was a gift from a friend. Klaas-pieter