Introduction: Altoids Pocket Survival Kit

About: I like to make compact and useful things

This is my survival kit I made. Very useful in camping trips and survival situations.
Neat, Pocket size, and ready to GO!

Step 1: Contents

-Fishing hook
-2 Fire strikers
-6 straw Fire starters
-2 Bandages
-Mini Multi tool
-5 Matches
-2 Safety pins
- 2 Birthday candles
- Some salt
-3 feet of duct tape
-Fishing line
-sewing thread
-Razor blade
-2 Advil and other pills you might need
-Optional: Gum

Step 2: Your Done!

Feel free to add more stuff to your survival kit and customize it.
Some things i could of put=
-mini flashlight
-Dryer lint