Introduction: Altoids Survival Kit

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This survival kit i have entered in the outdoor projects contest so pleeease VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: What It Is

Hey guys the outdoorskid here with my first instructable it is my w.s.h.t.f kit ( when sh$& hits the fan kit) it is for wilderness uses if you pull this out in the city you might get some weird looks

Step 2: Contents

My kit contains the following items all have many uses : rangerband, duct tape 15 feet, about 8 feet of paracord, lighter, crayon, half a hot glue stick, small gerber knife, cotton ball, razor blade, 2 band aids, tinfoil , zippo stricker, 4 matches, some paper, elastic

Step 3: Uses

This is my personal survival kit you should make yours to fit your needs not mine. I am adding fishing line and hooks but I didnt have enough space. Also every component of your kit should have at least 5 uses, if not replace it with something better!

Step 4: Your Done

This kit cost me about $0 dollars total but all the materials for it could cost you around $30 ( only because the knife ) the outdoorskid, out!