Introduction: Altoids Survival Kit

These are the contents of my Altoids Survival Kit.

Step 1: Ranger Bands

I keep the Ranger Bands on the out side of the tin. They're can be used as fire starters, tournicettes, or just holding things together.

Step 2: The Contents

On the top of the tin, there are two number 22 surgical blades and a match striker. The blade can be fashioned into a knife.

Step 3: Food and Water

From left to right, I have a fishing kit, 12 feet of 15 pound line, and three feet of snare wire. I also have a sandwich bag that holds 1 liter of water.

Step 4: Signaling and Navigation

From left to right, there is a whistle/compass/red light , a sheet of card paper, and the inside of a pen.

Step 5: Fire and Light

For fire I have 13 matches, cotton ball and Vaseline (far right), and a fire cracker. For light I have a small LED flashlight.

Step 6: Tools and Shelter

Tools and shelter items include: two surgical blades, part of a hacksaw blade, 15 feet of thin rope, three nails, duct tape, and a multi tool.

Step 7: First Aid

First aid contains two butterfly closures, two medium bandaids, and two large bandaids.

Step 8:

Thats all. comment anything I should add or remove. Thanks for looking at my inscrutable!