Introduction: Altoids Survival Kit

Today I will be showing you how to make an Altoids survival kit.
You will need (and why):
-Rubber bands (Making slingshots and misc.)
-Fishing line (either actual fishing line or string)
-Fishing hooks (I used the "survival fish hook" from another instructable)
-Tape rolled on barbeque skewer (never know when you'll need tape")
-Band aids (for cuts)
-Knife, mini scissors,and saw (extracted from a multi tool)
-Matches and striker (for fire)
-Magnets (you'll see)
-Barbecue skewer (roasting meat)

Step 1: Fishing

The fishing line and hooks are used to catch fish. Once a fish is caught use the matches and striker along with fire starting materials to start a fire. Use the barbecue skewer to roast meat over the fire. Cardboard makes a good holder for matches, I also taped the striker on the cardboard for more storage space.

Step 2: Magnets? Why?

The magnets are placed along the side of the container making it magnetic. The magnetic side of the container is used for putting the knife blade on so you do not need to rifle through you container to get a knife in case you need a knife at the moment.

Step 3: Put It Together

Now find what way works best for you to put it together.