Introduction: Altoids Survival Kit

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I know most you all have your big 'ol first aid kits and I know most just throw them in their vehicle. And while some carry big backpacks, I like to carry just a small bag with me, with not a lot of room for medical supplies. So I created a little and extensive medical kit that fits in an altoids tin!
8+ different sized rubber bands
small scissors
5 Ibuprofen
3 Tums
4 gauze pads
12 matches
2 strikes pads
waterproof tape
10 different sized band aids
a watch battery
3 super bright LEDs
2 candles
4 different sized sewing needles
1 push pin
and instructions for first aid (adult and child)

also adding hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol. And yes, this all fits in an altoids tin! 

Step 1: Supplies

The best place to buy supplies for this first aid kit is the Dollar Tree and then Walmart. I was able to get a lot of cheap things at the Dollar Tree including:
10 boxes of matches
Gauze Pads
Waterproof Tape
Band Aids
Watch Battery
Rubber Bands
and Floss

Then I headed over to Walmart and found some more useful stuff including:
Assorted Sewing Needs
Small Sewing Kit (Scissors, Thread, Pins, Plastic Pouch)
and Razor Blades

Step 2: Getting Things Ready

So first I started off by putting the smallest things together. I found that the candles are just a tad bit too tall to fit in the altoids tin vertically, so I cut just a bit off of two candles.

Then I took some sewing thread and wrapped a few feet around a small piece of cardboard.

In the mini sewing kit was a small plastic pouched used for carrying needles. It fits matches and candles perfectly, so i put in a few matches, the candles, assorted sewing needles, assorted LEDs, the little push pin, and the sewing thread. Now all of that stuff fits in a nice little corner of the altoids tin.

I cut out the two strike pads of the matchbox too.

I also had these CPR books with me that had instruction cards on them so I trimmed those up to fit in the lids. 

Step 3: Putting It Together

I started by putting things in the lid. I just taped the two strike pads in the lid and then put the CPR cards on top of that. 

For the bottom part I started off with my flat objects: Band aids went in the bottom followed by gauze pads and the plastic pouch of goodies went next to it. Under the plastic pouch I also put a razor blade and a watch battery.

I then took a memory card case and fit some tums and ibuprofen in there and laid that on the gauze pads. 

I cut off some waterproof tape and rolled it into a small tube and stuck that beside the the plastic pouch. 
Roll up some floss and stick that in there too! This could also be replaced with fishing line! (or you can use both!)

The scissors then fit diagonally on top of everything and some more bandaids and small rubber bands on top of everything.

The altoids tin did close shut, but I also put larger rubber bands on top!

That should be it! Another thing I was thinking of was adding some rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer. I found these really tiny bottles of breath drops and was going to empty those and pour the rubbing alcohol and sanitizer in there. I might have to take out a set of gauze pads or the scissors.

Thanks for viewing :D Happy camping!