Introduction: Altoids Survival Kit

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Yep, it's another Altoids survival kit... You're probably sick of seeing these now, but I'm new to instructables, and I felt like this would be a good starting project! So enjoy, and hope you like it!

Step 1: Get Materials

I like these little kits because they're flexible; you can choose what you want to put in it. For mine, I chose:

-bandaids (regular type and waterproof type)
-shortened pencil
-pins (fishing hook)
-strike anywhere matches
-rubber bands
-floss (hygiene and thread)
-small bottle of Tabasco sauce (not necessary, but it does give you a little reminder of society and a little emotional boost)
-hearing aid batteries (I'm deaf, so I packed 3 batts which should last me about two weeks)

You need a normal sized Altoids tin for this.

Step 2: Put the Materials In

I started by placing the folded paper and bandaids together, then clipping them with the paperclips. Put this on the bottom and lay the pins next to it. From here on its pretty straightforward, just place the sauce and the roll of floss in first so they can fit. I taped the razor to the inside of the lid so I wouldn't cut myself if I reached into the kit. It also prevents the razor from cutting anything inside accidentally. Close the tin up and you're done!

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